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I have recently come across two pieces of marketing/advertising that I thought were very clever. While the products and brands were not all that exciting, they invited people to engage either directly with the product or cast a vote. Cottenelle and Ikea were definitely thinking creatively and did a wonderful job of getting people to take notice of their brand.

Cottenelle Roll Poll

Cottenelle Roll Poll Advertisment with voting buttons.

The center of the toilet paper rolls are voting buttons

Ikea Subway Furniture Display

Image courtesy of Freshome.

To learn more about the Ikea display in the Paris subway system, you can read the article on Freshome.

Being a resident of Chicago and a frequent user of our “L” system, I don’t believe the Ikea campaign would fare well here unless the furniture was bolted down and frequently sanitized. The couches would end up on the tracks and it would only be a matter of time before someone was electrocuted because they were trying to fish a quarter off the tracks with one of the lamps and accidently touched the third rail.