I have been an avid reader of Fast Company for many years. I think Fast Company is a very forward thinking magazine and has helped me, to some extent, shape my management style and see problems for a different angle. Much like this blog, their magazine is devoted to pointing out companies who do things well and those that, well, not so much. So I was surprised to see recently that they are protecting their content much like many of  their peers who use a similar business model and are now going the way of the dinosaur. Many months back I remember reading an article about monitoring your brand 24/7. I was looking for some monitoring tools and went to their web site to find the article. After a bit of digging I was able to find it but I was told I needed to be a member of their community to view it. No problem. I went through the extensive registration process because I really wanted to access the content but when I went back to the article logged-in, I still couldn’t access the content. I wrote them an email detailing my experience and never heard back. I don’t understand why in this day in age, companies hide or protect their content online. I especially don’t understand why a company whose brand is built on “innovation” and “forward thinking” can’t learn from the world around them. How many unique visitors a month are they losing by not allowing Google to access that content? And since they sell advertising on their site, how much money are they losing from advertisers? I bet that we are all guilty of something like this to some extent. We ignore the sound of the waterfall in the distance and remain on our present course because it is what has always worked and it’s more comfortable than change.